When you take class with me, thoughtful pace and a light-hearted environment guide your practice.  I believe that encouraging students to be comfortable with themselves is an essential way to foster a long-term yoga experience where the benefits are an evolution of physical and mental self-improvement. The flowing rhythms of nature and art continually inspire me while slow, steady breath educates my practice. I have been teaching yoga in the Lehigh Valley for over a decade and I look forward to seeing you at my next class.


britttagg5Krounchasana¬†(Heron Pose). Once skeptical of the ‘yoga selfie’, now photography is a large part of my practice because it enables me to learn about postures in a more in-depth way. After looking at images, the essence of the pose will shine. Using various styles and atmospheres will also inspire creativity within one’s practice.


britttagg7I am a big believer in using yoga props.¬† Sometimes a block or a strap can present a whole new dimension to this practice.¬† If the body is at ease, the mind is at ease. Students are often resistant to the idea of propping themselves in a posture, for various reasons. Adding props to your practice can introduce stability. I have learned through my wonderful teachers and the invaluable hours that I’ve spent on my mat, calm posturing leads to meditation.